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Skin care Hair care Cosmetics
TP AHG Alpha-Arbutin Skin whitening, Dispelling freckle, Emollient
TP NE 01 Ginseng Extract Anti-wrinkle, Whitening
TP NE 02 Placenta Element Liquid Anti-wrinkle, Moisture, Nutrition
TP NE 03 Instant Pearl Powder Whitening, Smooth, Ruddy, Elastic
TP NE 04 Hydrolyzed Pearl Whitening, Anti-wrinkle, Smooth, Tender, Ruddy
TP NE 05 Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Root Extract Whitening, Scavenging free radicals, Antioxidant
TP NE 06 Seaweed Extract Moisture, Good compatibility, Good comfort
TP NE 07 Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Moisture, Anti-inflammatory, Smooth, Sun protection
TP NE 08 Purslane Extract Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Anti-allergic
TP NE 09 Witch Hazel Distillate Anti-inflammatory, Convergence, Wrinkle prevention, Nutition
TP NE 10 Honeysuckle Extract(Lonicera Extract) Anti-inflammatory, Convergence, Antibacterial
TP NE 11 Chamomile Extract Anti-inflammatory, Convergence, Whitening, Moisture
TP CMG 90 Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-glucan Natural, Soluble in water, Repairing, enhancing, Skin repairing expert
TP 100PH Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder, Rich nutrition, Excellent solubility, High moisture, Anti-wrinkle, Repair skin and hair, Good conditioning ability
TP 100BH Hydrolyzed Collagen Liquid, Rich nutrition, Excellent solubility, High moisture, Anti-wrinkle, Repair skin and hair, Good conditioning ability
TP EAA 98 Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Stability, Security, Soft, Whitening, Antioxidant, Permeability, Anti-inflammatory
TP PLN 95 Pullulan Thickening, Cohesiveness, Low oxygen transmission rate, Water solubility
TP NAM 98 N-AcetylneuraMinic acid Natural, Anti-oxidant
TP PPT 03 Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 Moisturizer, Anti-wrinkle, Stop the elastin breakdown
TP AOT 03 Acetyl Octapeptide -3 Anti-wrinkle, Condition
TP TDT 01 Tridecapeptide-1 Anti-wrinkle, Condition
TP ATT 05 Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 Moisturizer
TP NPT 01 Nonapeptide-1 Whitening, Prevent melanin
TP HA 92 Sodium Hyaluronate Excellent moisturizing, Film, Lubrication, Stable emulsification effect, Thickening, UV protection for Moisturizing cream, Lotion, Suncreen, Hair care, Cosmetic, Bath product
TP HU 45 Hydroxyethyl Urea Moisturizing, Non greasy, Pleasant feeling for Cream, Emulsion, Toner, Mask
TP CM 50 Castory Maleate Long-term moisturizing, Affinity for the skin, Oil soluble for Shower gel, Cream, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Cleanser
TP PGA 90 Poly-L-Glutamic Acid Moisturizing, Transparent, Elasticity for Skin care, Hair care, Shaving cream, Lipstick
TP Allantoin Allantoin White crystalline powder, Moisturizing, Anti-allergy, Anti-oxidant, Sterilization for Cream, Emulsion, Essence oil, Mask
TP Allantoin 60 Allantoin/ Trimethyl glycine/Glucan White powder, Moisturizing, anti-allergy, Water soluble, stable, Promote cell growth for Cream, Emulsion, Essence oil, Mask
TP PG 10 Poly Glyceryl-10 Moisturizing, Silky, Biodegradation for Cream, Essence oil, Mask, Hair care
TP Glycerol Glycerol Moisturizing, Slovent, Elastic for Moisturizer, Toner, Cream, Lotion, Suncreen